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Demand Affordable Education!

Regarding Higher Education, Governor Rick Scott said that ''the two things important to me is one, that we keep our costs as low as possible, and two, make sure that the degrees they’re getting, that they can get a job afterwards.''

As a student in Florida's higher education system, this couldn't seem further from the truth. We are seeing unprecedented increases in the cost of tuition. This has discouraged many potential students from even attempting to go to college, because even with financial aide, grants, and loans, it's still unaffordable to many in the ''middle class''. Others are scared because of the tremendous debt that they would have to take on, and some are left wondering if it's even worth getting a college degree, with the dismal job market.

How can you increase tuition at a time when wages are going down and unemployment is at a 35 year high? If we want Florida to be great, we need to make college affordable to everyone who wants to attend, not just those who are lucky enough to afford it... like our Governor said.

With a 15% increase in tuition last year, and 15% tuition increases being talked about in the legislature as necessary for at least four years, and serious talks they will continue on the same path for the next decade, we as students in Florida are saying enough is enough! We are demanding a tuition freeze on all institutes of higher education in Florida.